Custom Orthotics at Third Space Wellness Centre

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Digital imaging of the pressure points of your gait.

Custom Orthotics at Third Space Wellness Centre.

Dr. Leering uses GaitScan, a computerized step analysis technique to prescribe custom orthotics. He has been been rep scribing custom orthotics since he started practice in 1997.

Gait Scan Assessment

The computer generates hard data on where pressure points on your foot are located. It also identifies the timing & order of how your foot contacts throughout your step. This is a very effective tool that reduces the error prone to impression techniques for construction orthotics and distracting video gait analysis. Timing and order of your step cannot be observed by video analysis.Through his experience Dr. Leering has found that use of The Orthotic Group’s proprietary software and gait plate, the product they manufacture is the best in the marketplace. The orthotic that is built is fully customizable. That means that not only is the basic contour specific to your individual requirements but that any necessary postings, cushioning, and unique top covers can be added.

How do orthotics work?

This comes down to both analysis (how we assess your foot) and product orthotic itself (what is the composition of the materials we use).

There is a shift in the way we understand how orthotics work. Outdated thinking was that they act as a wedge of sorts to boost up your foot to where it should be, as reflected by the use of impressions of your poor foot. Recent findings show that they work to improve the intrinsic abilities of the foot to operate as it was designed to work neurologically rather than as a wedge. Hence, the timing in relation to pressure spots of each area of the foot is more important. Technically, we use the computer collect data, and we then complete a very sophisticated determination how to best use that data.

The composition of the materials we commonly use in this office is use of a semi-rigid plastic. This permits flexibility of the orthotic itself. I call it the “Goldilocks Factor”, not too hard, not too soft, and just right. This provides the best comfort while offering correction of the foot dynamic. So patient compliance with actually using the orthotic is maximized, as you’ll feel better with them in your shoes. It is actually causing a change and that it is gentle enough for comfort of use.

Orthotics for treatment, performance, and prevention

Dr. Leering uses Shockwave Therapy for intrinsic foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis. Often, the recommendation will dovetail into use of an orthotic as a preventative treatment. Do you have recurrent ankle sprains? This would certainly infer that an orthotic will likely help. His long experience with orthotic prescription as well as continuing education has finessed his clinical recommendations to gain excellent patient outcomes.

Many people with low-grade back, hip, knee, ankle, foot problems will benefit from the correction that a custom orthotic can bring. It comes down a very simple proposition: does being on your feet more increase your pain in these areas? Then taking a hard look at both footwear, and possible correction with orthotics can help.

Maximizing how your foot operates relates directly to athletic performance. Interestingly enough, the type of foot you have may already have guided you to the sport you excel in. Having an appropriate work up and orthotic will reduce fatigue in your lower limb with all things being equal otherwise (fitness level, nutrition, rest, etc).

There is ample evidence to support the notion that orthotics can play a role in prevention of many common athletic injuries, particularly with non-contact sprain or tear of the ligaments or meniscus of the knee. Particularly with youth and adolescents. It is a worthwhile discussion to have with the Doctor weighing the factors unique to the specific circumstance of each athlete and their sport or training.

There are some very interesting innovations that can be offered to patients. Including the proprietary Dynaflange. This a special lever that is installed under the heel of an orthotic that normalizes the path your foot will take starting at the heel and lessen the force of impact of heel strike up into foot and up the lower limb.

We invite you to look at the range of online resources at the orthotics group.

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